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What Is The Announcement?

Posted By: blacksharkmedia
    • What is The Announcement?
    • It’s a comedy starring Hugo Chegwin (People Just Do Nothing), Felicity Montagu (Alan Partridge), and David Schaal (The Inbetweeners).


    • Why should I watch it?
    • Because it’s packed full of British comedy acting royalty. You know, that guy from the Kurupt FM show, thingy’s Dad from the Inbetweeners, and only-bloody-Lynn from Alan Partridge for God’s sake!!!


    • But I’m kind of busy.
    • Well it’s only about 6 minutes long, surely you can’t be that busy. You can always watch it on the throne and your legs probably won’t even go numb.


    • Ok then, who’s behind it?
    • Well it was produced by Black Shark Media and the script was written by Kevin Mears and James Kibbey…


    • Who are they?
    • Nobody knows.


    • Is it funny?
    • That’s really up to you. It’s funnier than receiving a utilities bill, but probably less funny than most of Fawlty Towers.


    • Do I have to watch it?
    • No. But you probably should, just to be on the safe side.


    • Can I sort of half watch it on my phone while I’m doing something else that I’d rather be doing?
    • No.


    • OK then, how do I see this bloody thing?
    • You can watch the trailer and go “behind the scenes” at TheAnnouncement.film


    • But what about the actual film you moron?
    • The Announcement will be released Summer 2020. For details about obtaining a preview copy please email hello@blacksharkmedia.com with “The Announcement” in the subject line.


    • Right, can I go now?
    • Sure.