Case Studies

What if you have a brand story or message that cannot be constrained by the limitations of a 90 second or 3 minute film? Yes it’s true that attention spans are short, but if you are giving your audience what they want, they will gladly watch a longer film. In fact, some of the best stories we’ve told for clients are those which we have told through a series of films over time. This approach enables a brand to organically grow a relationship with their audience around a particular theme.

Chabuddy CWC

Ahead of the launch of the Cricket World Cup ticket ballot, Ogilvy PR commissioned Black Shark Media to produce a series of comedy films featuring Chabuddy G. Written and directed by James Kibbey, the 3 film ...

Case Study

Show Your Stripes

For the launch of Southampton FC's new kit, Mischief PR asked Black Shark Media to create a mockumentary presented by a comedy character. Using our relationships at Independent Talent and Beach Casting, we cast comedian ...

Case Study

Row To Rio

In the build up to the Rio Olympics, British Rowing commissioned Black Shark Media to make a series of films following the GB Rowing Team. The 11 film series shot over the course of 12 months followed ...

Case Study